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Khadijah in Jamaica

Meet Khadijah Adams 

Author, Business Empowerment Coach, Entrepreneur, Accredited Investor, Motivational Speaker, Founder of Girl Get That Money, Co-Founder of Pop Girls, and Founder of The Resort at Westmoreland in the West End of Negril, Jamaica

As the founder of Girl Get That Money, my goal is to empower, guide, and educate amazing entrepreneurs. 

Even extraordinary entrepreneurs need business tools and services to help them design and execute an action plan, gain clarity, set new goals, and motivate their vision. Whether you need help finding the right business plan or help to fund your business idea, I am here to empower you by providing the resources required for optimal success. 

My philosophy is simple: Girls Compete, Women Empower!


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Ready to Unlock 
Your Business' Potential?

Let's make it happen together!


We will tap into the power of your potential and show you how your business can succeed. Begin by taking advantage of one of my Business Empowerment Breakthrough Coaching Sessions.


My coaching sessions are valuable opportunities to talk privately and confidentially by phone or virtually, to discuss your business goals in a no-nonsense one-hour strategy session.


During this call, I'll help you get clarity on your business and lifestyle goals, help you see what's holding you back from personal and business growth, and identify opportunities and solutions tailored explicitly towards moving you toward your goals.


I'm always happy to share my knowledge and motivational strategies.

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