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The GreenStreet Academy

My Start in the Cannabis Industry

In 2014, I began investing in companies that supported the industry of cannabis, also known as "marijuana stocks". These were companies that did not touch the actual cannabis plant. They were companies that were publicly traded and could be found on the Over-the-counter-marketplace, or the OTC. Some call them "Penny Stocks".  I really didn't know how to personally trade stocks at the time and knew it would be a learning curve but I was up for the challenge. However, I understood that I would need a mentor or two, so I started looking for people who were doing what I wanted to do and found a couple. I joined programs, took classes, and went to workshops. I started to research the different companies in the industry and the verticals in which they operated because I wanted to understand them prior to investing in them.

I read articles, watched the news, read pump and dump reports, and listened to financial analysts and advisors; joined penny stock groups and Facebook, and other social media platforms. Then, I would watch and listen to my mentors; and one would give all the reasons to invest and the other would give all the reasons not to invest in a company. Sometimes, both would agree and the news would be on point; and when I was comfortable, I would either invest or not. When I did, I would profit and sometimes I wouldn't. After several months, I began investing in companies that I was comfortable with and the companies that I understood. 

It wasn't until November 2014, when I experienced success in the investment world of "marijuana stocks" as a novice investor. I had turned a $100 investment into five figures in 3 months! I was so excited that I wanted to teach the world how to do the same! so I reached out to an investor friend of mine and shared my vision to help people learn how to invest. She was excited and wanted to help, so she invested, and together we started Marijuana Investment & Private Retreat (MIPR Holdings, LLC), a cannabis consulting company that specialized in business and investor relations services. We begin hosting accredited investors and connecting them to viable investment opportunities in the space and we hosted workshops that taught novice investors the basics of investing in the industry. We taught all over the country and people started coming, it was great! However, it was time-consuming and very expensive so we had the bright idea to take our classes online but I was going through a divorce at the time and we really didn't have the budget to build another website, get a marketing team, social media, etc., and due to a lot of errors that were made, we lost our team, and some investors so the company came to a complete halt in 2016 but we didn't give up!

My business partner decided to quit helping, so I continued on my own, helping people individually until I could find the right investor to help make our dream possible and in June of 2017, we sold MIPR Holdings to C. E. Hutton, a minority-focused business development and management firm, and together, we formed The GreenStreet Academy, an online educational academy that teaches novice investors stock basics and fundamentals.

I learned several things: (1) Always follow your dreams no matter what obstacles may come and (2) to NEVER GIVE UP!

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