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Financing Solutions That Suit Your Needs

Khadijah Adams, LLC is an affiliate partner of JMEN Capital Group

We treat our customers as individuals, not as a number. We do not make use of the traditional loan profile formula as most banks do. We will assist you in obtaining the best loans possible using our inside knowledge of lender preferences.

We See Your Potential,

Not Your Credit 

We believe the ability to grow and profit your business is not only dependent on your personal credit.

We offer you loans with a soft pull on your credit score. JMEN consulting group makes funds easily accessible. The entire process is a stress-free one. It is our priority to ensure that you get working capital that is simple, affordable, and fast. We can make your dreams come through by providing you with funds to scale heights in your business.

Choose JMEN Consulting Group to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Flexible funds

  • Convenient terms

  • Convenient access to funds

  • Super easy process

Our Process


Step 1 - The Application
You are one step away from your funding review. Shortly after you apply, our team of experts will reach out to review your funding options! 

Step 2 - The Consultation

Our team of experts will review with you the best funding options to suit your needs


Step 3 - Funding

After the consultation, we go to work for you, and you are funded in 2 - 3 weeks

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