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3 Amazing Steps To Unlock the Authentic You

The authentic you are divine and unique! When you strive to be the real you, you're simply following the path of the creator who hasn't created another YOU! Remember: 'you're fearfully and wonderfully made'. Don't try to be someone else, you'll only hurt yourself and others in the long run!

Unfortunately, shifting between an unending list of various roles is something we've all become used to in today's fussy times. In routine, we wear various contrasting hats as we move from our homes to other social circles and office environments. No wonder true happiness and contentment have eluded many, replaced with frustrations and depression!

In a world-streaming with 7 billion people, we must understand the beauty of authenticity for society and self.

I’m not raising an esoteric or philosophical quest. Just something we all should focus on “Who Am I?” am I the one who fakes a smile even if she doesn't feel like smiling only because social ethics sanction it? Am I the one who backs off to oblige others even if it is really hurting? Or the one whose built-in settings are set to please people? Am I the one who stays quiet about her feelings and rather manipulates or sugarcoats her words to save others’ feelings?

Are you living an authentic life?

Do you honor yourself and try to be your best version? Or do you compromise yourself, your dreams, and feelings for others' happiness and maintain the balance?

Honestly, we all do it at different stages of our life, and we do it to varying extents. Mostly these behaviors originate from the warm place of not desiring to upset others. We assume that we are been fair by putting others' feelings out of our own, or because we are just scared of making a change.

Have you ever thought that who suffers when you are inauthentic? You? People? Or society? Ponder on this thought for a moment. The possibility puts you and others off to experience the ruffle effect of the personal development that happens when you put yourself in a position of strength and vulnerability to honor your desires and get up for who you are.

When you ignore challenging situations, you also lack the opportunity to understand what you can get to the table and generally in life when the going gets hard. If you don't practice this ability, you have low potency to get it right when it is most needed.

How can you unlock your authentic self?

We don't recognize that our genuineness is the primary thing that makes us radically distinctive. To unlock your authentic self, there are three fields where you can cultivate authenticity in your life; know your worth, build genuine relationships, and make factual decisions. Growing in these fields will assist you in understanding yourself and where you stand in life.

1. Know your worth

Do you think you are valuable? To leave a long-lasting impression on people, you must have to leave an impression on yourself first. Take your self-talks as the seeds you are planting in you. When you fill your brain with seeds of negativity and comparison, you inevitably create feelings of insufficiency. Conversely, when you fill your mind with positivity, you cultivate beliefs of value and worth. So, know your worth by starting your every day with gratitude and believing in you. Let no one or circumstances put you down.

2. Build authentic relationships

There are normally two types of people we meet; those who make fixes, and those who make detachment. To build an authentic relationship, we must differentiate between these two forms of people. This helps us know what we should expect from everyone and how we should engage with them. You must honor and value the deposit makers and ignore withdrawal makers. They just want to get benefit from you and discourage your energies. It would be best if you built relations that are pure and authentic.

3. Taking authentic decisions

Decisions are the pilots of your life; every decision determines your path. To make authentic decisions about your life, you must have a clear vision about yourself. The problems arise when we make decisions not according to our own approach but based on social circumstances and public opinion. To make factual decisions, we should allow our ethics and morals to shape our actions; our actions turn into habits and habits that build our character.

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