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4 Helpful Tips for Working From Home

Are you having a hard time staying focused while working from home?

At one point that used to sound like a dream come true, right?

But during this difficult time, many of us are learning that working from home isn’t the easy, breezy experience we thought it was gonna be.

Staying focused is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to working from home.

I wanted to share 4 simple tips for how to keep your day on track and stay productive...

  • Set up a dedicated workspace. Make sure you have a place set aside to be your home office. Even if it’s not a separate room, claim an area that is dedicated to getting work done. That way, when you sit down at your desk you’ll be able to get into the flow easier and faster.

  • Figure out your work style. Are you a morning person or a night owl? If you have the ability to choose your work hours, schedule them around the times you know you function best.

  • Make lists. Having a list keeps you from getting off track. If your mind starts to wander, you can just return your attention to the list. It also makes you feel a sense of progress as you work your way down the list.

  • Put your phone on “do not disturb”. It’s so tempting to check Facebook when it makes a notification sound. Next thing you know, you’ve been sucked into social media and you’ve lost an hour of your workday. Keep those notifications from distracting you by temporarily shutting them off.

I hope these tips help you to stay motivated and power on. Now Girl, Get That Money!

Peace, Love, and Hippie Stuff, Khadijah

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