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4 New Beliefs to Boost Your Success!

Hey girl! I wanted to share something that will change your life…

I wanted to write to you about something that can make or break your success as a businesswoman.

That something is your beliefs.

The beliefs you hold about life, whether good or bad, become your reality.

The cool thing is, you can re-assess what you believe at any moment, and take on new and more helpful beliefs.

I made this list of 4 new beliefs that are a surefire way to boost your success… in business and in life in general.

  1. I always aim high and dream big. The greatest minds in history have told us that what seems impossible is never actually out of reach. Look around the room you are in for a moment, and realize that everything you see was once just an idea in someone’s head. Most likely an idea that seemed impossible at the time.

  2. Every day I am getting better and better. This is a very powerful belief to hold, because it means that by nature you are constantly improving and growing. It also means that there are limitless levels of “better” that are coming your way.

  3. My past does not equal my future. This belief allows you to let go of difficult things in your past, and trust that those things will not cause boundaries to your future happiness. Your future is wide open with possibilities.

  4. I’m continuously striving to learn. If learning becomes a part of who you are, you are going to constantly feed your mind with information that brings growth to your life. Being a student of life forever means you will consistently improve.

Here’s to breaking down boundaries and finding true success!

Peace, Love & Hippie Stuff, Khadijah

P.S. - Speaking of constant learning, check out my online course “Major Money Moves” by clicking here!

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