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How to Turn Failures into Blessings

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Failure is a part of our lives and as a matter of fact, success would have no meaning if we didn’t know failure.

For those who have the potential to succeed, and the aptitude to move ahead in their lives, failure is just another step towards success. Every failure in our lives teaches us how to avoid the pitfalls we face in the future. There’s not one great person who has not experienced failure. Failure is a mandatory part of the path to success but it is equally true that how you handle failure is what really sets you apart. Bottom line, you must definitely have a strong Will Power and a deep conviction to succeed.

While it's often difficult to tackle failure, it is even harder to turn failure into success, but if you master this art, you’ll become UNSTOPPABLE!

The only difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is, successful people move forward even after they fail, they learn the art of turning their failure into success. They understand that consistency and being persistent pays off when they stay focused.

The world has seen Henry Ford going from totally broke to the first vehicle mass producer of the world. We know the story of Colonel Sanders from the time he had $105 in his pocket and a ton of rejections for his business model, to becoming the owner of one of the most successful restaurant chains in American history. Each story is a lesson on "not giving up". It’s imperative to not give up because whatever looking for, is certainly looking for you. But if you give up and quit; it’s impossible to achieve success. Remember, the important thing is being commitment and having the Will and Desire to accomplish your goal.

Here’s a little guide to help you turn any failure into a blessing

Consider your “WHY”

Think of why you started your business. In other words, know and understand your “WHY” because it will drive you when you’re at your weakest points and it will be the force that encourages you to keep going. Know what you want to accomplish with your business? We all know that the path to success is not a drop in the bucket, but rather, it’s a curvy road that an Entrepreneur must take and learn to navigate on his or her journey.

Have Clearly Defined Goals

Having clearly defined goals outlined in writing, along with taking daily action steps to help you accomplish those goals, is a clear path to success. Simply put, you must be willing to invest time every single day, doing something that assists you in getting closer to your end result or goal. Remember, failure is just a way of knowing what not to do, and nothing more.

Be Inspired

Inspire yourself. Don’t wait for someone to come by to inspire you. What if they never show up? Think about what really drives you, or what excites you. Better yet, understand what motivated you to start down this path. Then, write it down on sticky notes and keep them on your desk, or anywhere you can see it daily. Set the alarm on your smartphone for daily reminders of why you’re doing this, it will help keep you motivated and inspired.

Get Organized

Having a handwritten Daily Method of Operation (DMO) is recommended. What’s that? It’s a daily schedule of the activities for you to accomplish that gets you closer to your end result or goal. A DMO helps you organize your day and manage your time. Time Management is key to accomplishing goals, so how and where you spend your time could determine failure or success. That said, manage your time wisely.

Learn from Your Mistakes/Failures

Learn from your mistakes or failures and then turn them into lessons. Of course, failure can discourage and even distract you, if you let it. Remaining focused on your failures could cause disaster. The key to succeeding will be determined on how you handle the failure. My advice, learn how to use failure (or what doesn’t work) as a lesson. As you move forward, keep that lesson in mind so you can u avoid pitfalls in the future.

Take Control

Take control of your mind first. How? Through personal development. Every successful person has at least 20 minutes to 1 hour set aside each day for personal development. They are either reading a book that helps them build a skill of some sort, or they are listening to a motivational or inspirational recording. Once you have taken control of your mind, your actions must match your thoughts. Remember, you’re the Captain of your Ship. How you navigate your ship will determine where you end up. Never allow life to take control of you. That said, if you’re in a boat with no rudders, then you’ll only sway back and forth having no clear direction. But if you have rudders to help guide you, then you’ll reach your destination. Don’t be afraid to use your rudders (written out goals) as a compass to help guide you. To be successful, you must be in control of your mind.

In closing, keep in mind that everyone has experienced failure in their lives at some point, or another. It’s the people who stay committed and persistent in their daily activities, who accomplish success while others quit and give up. Remember, to be successful, you can never give up, you must have written goals that outline a clear direction outlined in your daily method of operations to you can follow. This could help you turn your Failures into Blessings !

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