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Setting Goals - An Ingredient for Success!

A goal is the statement of your commitment to do whatever is necessary to accomplish success. Your goals define you.

Setting high goals is important to achieve big things in life but don’t aim unreasonably high. Split your path into smaller, smarter goals, and keep pushing forward no matter what to attain them.

Here are 5 tips to setting high goals and pursuing them.

1. Set Goals That Keep You Moving Forward

Once you’ve determined your “Why”, it’s time to set some goals. Write down the tasks that are high priority first. These are the tasks that must be accomplished first. Then define what steps you must take under each task that will move you closer to your goal. The task you set must be in line with what you want to accomplish.

Example: Incorporate My Business

  • Retain an attorney, or online service to prepare the Articles of Incorporation, or Do it Yourself;

  • Complete and File the application with the Secretary of State;

  • Designate a Registered Agent;

  • Pay Filing and State Fees

2. Be Objective With Your Goals

Don’t set ambiguous goals. Be clear about the goals you set. Measurable goals and objectives are vital for assessing progress. When a goal is clear, or specific and measurable, you’re more than likely to achieve it.

3. Tracking Your Progress

Keeping track of your goals allows you to gauge your progress and keep you focused while also holding you accountable. My advice, split your tasks into small steps and accomplish them one at a time. Use a check list and assign a realistic time limit to all the goals you set. Check off each task as you accomplish them.

4. Set Realistic Goals

Why is it important to set realistic goals? Because it helps us focus on turning the goal into a reality. Setting unreasonably high goals could lead to disappointment. There is nothing wrong with having ambitious dreams, but going from zero to becoming a millionaire overnight is lofty to say the least and without first setting realistic goals to accomplish it, could backfire. Besides, you can only build a house, one brick, or plank of wood at a time.

5. Set A Time Limit to Accomplish Each Goal

Setting a goal is great but without setting a time limit on when you’d like to accomplish it, is just like having a thought that can easily be forgotten. When you set a time limit for accomplishing each goal, it’s imperative that you stick with it! Set your timer if you have to, or get an accountability partner who is diligent about helping you stay on task. The goal is to stay the coarse regardless of the obstacles. Limit all small talk with family and friends, and send incoming calls to voicemail when your working on your task so you won’t get distracted. If you have to, turn off your phone during this process. Finally, check the task off your check list when finished, it gives you a sense of accomplishment.

6. Stick With Your Goals

Setting goals, making a strategy to get to them and making a timetable is pointless if you can’t commit to the cause. If you really want to aim big, do it, by all means, but stick to your goals and keep moving forward to attain them.

The first step towards success is setting goals and understanding that setting them alone, will not guarantee success. To become successful, you must be consistent and put in the work.

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