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The Art of Time Management

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Do you know the one resource that nature has given all of us equally? It’s definitely not intelligence, it’s not even hard work, or commitment, it’s TIME.

Time is the one factor that is constant for all, no matter where you live. We all get the same 24 hours in a day. We all get 365 days a year. Time, as we know it, is a limited resource and it must be managed in the best way possible, to get the most benefit from it.

Time management is a skill difficult to master but once mastered, success is soon to follow.

Time management is possible. If you really want to accomplish success, learning the art of managing time is imperative.

Realize the Importance of time

It's important to realize the value of time before you can start saving or managing it. Time is the one thing that can’t and won't stop; it can’t go backward and it can’t be tampered with. Every moment that passes, including right now, WILL NEVER COME BACK.

Using a Calendar

Managing time starts with having a daily schedule. In today’s society, setting your calendar is priority. Schedule all appointments, both personal and professional and put them on your calendar. Set your reminder notifications and stay mindful to stop whatever you’re doing at the time you receive that reminder, to get that task accomplished. In other words, stick to your calendar with precision. Plan ahead and don’t fly by the seat of your pants. Implementing a time management strategy in your life, requires that you divide your time into the various blocks or categories. Your calendar is easier to maintain in this way. Include your tasks on your calendar as well. Finally, NEVER book an appointment without first checking your calendar for availability first.

Keeping track of your time

Once you’ve made a plan about how to spend your time, you need to hold yourself accountable for following the timetable you have implemented. Before going to bed each night, take out some time to review your calendar so you’ll understand your Next Steps, the next day. Then stick to your schedule. Keep note of your time while in your current meeting, or while performing a task. Set an alarm on your phone, if you must. This will help you gain control of your time.

Is Time Management Possible?

Yes. Time management is totally possible and you’ll find that most, if not all successful people are great at managing their time. It takes patience when learning the art of time management, you must also develop your Will Power and once you have this skill, there is nothing in life that will be impossible for you to accomplish. Remember, time is more valuable than money. You can always make money, but you can never get back your time. So be wise on how and where you use it!

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