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The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You

Hey Girl! I’ve got some information that can completely change the way you experience life…

I’ve got some information that might completely change the way you experience life.

I wanted to reach out and share it with you today.

Sometimes life really knocks us down.

Bad things happen in our life.

In fact, sometimes AWFUL things happen in our lives. But the magical thing is, you have the power to turn those bad experiences into good experiences.

You are so powerful, in fact, that you can take the worst experience of your life and turn it into the best experience of your life. I’m not kidding.

Here’s how it works... It’s all about how you frame the experience. What is the meaning of the experience?

Perhaps it means to you, “Well now my life is ruined.” Or maybe it means, “I’ll never be happy again.” But what if you framed it differently?

The meaning of an experience can be anything you choose. Choose for it to empower you, not destroy you.

Begin by asking this question: “How can I turn this experience into the best thing that ever happened to me?”

For a lot of people who have been through absolutely terrible experiences, the answer has been, “I’m going to get through this and then become a beacon of light for others going through the same thing.” However, it can be anything you want it to be.

Ask yourself the question, and see what answer comes up.

Clue: it almost always has to do with your unique strengths and how those strengths can make use of the experience. So next time something negative happens in your life, I invite you to give this technique a try.

Peace, Love & Hippie Stuff,


P.S. - If you are looking for someone to help guide you through this process of understanding an experience and reframing your thoughts, click here to have me help you today!

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