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What is Your Elevator Pitch?

Imagine this...

You run into an important person in your industry and have 30 seconds to talk to him or her. You want to make an impression on this person but you’ve got so little time.

How do you make this impression?

The answer is: Your elevator pitch. If you don’t have one written and memorized, start working on it now.

Your elevator pitch is the difference between a new connection and a lost opportunity.

Here are some tips on how to write a winning elevator pitch:

Start by naming a problem that their customers have. This shows that you understand the industry and the people it serves.

Then tell them about the solution you have. This immediately aligns you with something valuable to their company: a solution.

Next, say what your position title is. Keep it simple, like “I am a social media marketer”.

Talk about your qualifications. What makes you fit for the role you’re in? This can be your experience, not necessarily your formal education.

Then, say what your specialty is. This will all form together into one fluid sentence. “I am a social media marketer with 10 years of experience running my own marketing company, and I specialize in increasing Twitter engagement.”

Finally, end with a question. Ending your pitch with an open-ended question has the effect of opening up a conversation.

Have fun crafting your perfect elevator pitch! And Girl, #GetThatMoney!

P.S. - If you need some guidance on your pitch or a pitch deck, visit my Pitch Deck Review option here!

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