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Reimagining Your Future With Transformational Leadership

Businesswomen in America are fed up with how they are treated in this male-dominated society. To build a top-notch plan to grab a successful position in the business world requires a close analysis of all positive and negative influences on your business, which involves strong leadership.

The Need for Transformational Leadership

COVID-19 has shifted the trends in the economy. The different cross currents and trends affected every sector of the economy; therefore, a pressing need for a different and new style of leadership emerged. The shift during pandemic puts mission-focused purpose-led leadership at the center of every successful business. Companies and leaders who authentically focus on their people’s well-being have a better chance of realizing success.

Leadership or personality traits become important in these economically difficult and societal upsurging times. Developing empathy, agility, resilience, the ability to clearly articulate your vision, aspiring subordinates are the much-needed traits for moving forward in these unprecedented times. Through developing these skills was important in the past, they have moved to the forefront since this pandemic.

At the Forbes Power Women Summit, Roz Brewer, CEO of Boots Walgreen, emphasized developing interpersonal skills, especially listening skills. She wanted leaders to have better listening skills to inspire people to pass through tough times.

The pool of information and resources to reinvigorate your leadership style in business is just a click away. Here, I have compiled the best resources if you find yourself stuck somewhere and need professional help getting unstuck. The below resources include a list of government organizations, informational support groups, professional communities, leading conferences, and seminars focused on women to help them learn and grow their businesses.

Women Venture Fund: their mission is to derive the economy by helping you turn your passion and creativity into a profitable and sustainable business. They provide tailored courses and counseling sessions for women entrepreneurs. Also, it is a dynamic platform that provides contemporary policies that will impact women entrepreneurs in America.

ForbesWomen: a subsection of Forbes created for businesswomen to give them information about the most accomplished women’s work ethics, leadership styles, finance management, innovative solutions, and much more.

Babson’s Center for Women Leadership: the center empowers women leaders by helping them analyze the best leadership practices for providing action-oriented plans. Moreover, they offer sufficient research to create value in business and give better reach in the market.

The Committee of 200 (C200): the Committee connects women business leaders to celebrate women’s leadership. It also offers unparalleled peer networks and unique programs to current leaders. The resource provides purposeful solutions as it represents the community of the most successful women in the business world, employing more than 2.5 million people and comprising 1.4 trillion total revenue.

Women’s Business Exchange (WBE): With the logo “Where Inspiration Leads,” WBE empowers women to expand their wisdom, enhance their visibility, and influence other women in business. The platform provides training and mentoring on professional leadership for cultivating personal growth and seizing better opportunities.

Final Thoughts

The convergence of Climate Change, Corona Pandemic, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in 2022 demand transformational leadership. Empathy, Resilience, Better listening skills, and other leadership qualities can take your business to the next level. The time to change your leadership style and broaden your understanding of effective leadership is now.

Girl, Your Future lies in the Decisions that you make moving forward. Take Action and Adopt Transformational Leadership. And remember what Michelle Obama said, "There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish."

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