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It's pretty obvious that when building a business, or should I say, building "your empire" you need resources! Having the right resources and professionals to help grow your business is imperative and could mean success or failure. So, whether you're looking for a CPA, an attorney, business coach, business consultant, compliance training, a business loan, line of credit, a grant, equity investment, marketing consultant, insurance, or public relations specialist, Khadijah has put together a resource page of companies and experts that she recommends who are qualified to help you start, raise capital for, and grow your business.

Recommended Companies

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Community investment

Your friends, family, professional network, and customers can become truly invested in your success by receiving revenue sharing notes from your business through Mainvest.


Equipment Loans

CurrencyFinance automatically pinpoints the best rates for buyers, and facilitates loans for as much as $500,000, with repayment terms up to 72 months.


Real Estate Loans

Operates 100% in-house for our capital, underwriting, and servicing. We look forward to being your direct lender on super quick closing timelines and the one unbankable deal in your pipeline right now, or perhaps in the future.

Trust Deed states they lend in:

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Maryland, Nevada
North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Virginia, 

Washington, Washington DC


Debt Financing

A service company designed to provide essential resources such as financing, processing solutions, and banking options to companies in alternative industries.

In a market that is thriving and growing at such a rapid pace, there is a major scarcity of options available for businesses to expand, thrive, and meet their full potential.

JMen Capital

Fixed-Rate Loans, Revolving Lines of Credit, & Credit Cards

We offer you loans with a soft pull on your credit score. JMEN Capital Group makes funds easily accessible. The entire process is a stress-free one. It is our priority to ensure that you get working capital that is simple, affordable, and fast. We can make your dreams come true by providing you with funds to scale heights in your business.

National Business Credit_edited.jpg

Equipment Loans, Lines of Credit, and Term Loans

When it comes to small business loans, you need the right solution. Compare options available through our 75+ lender marketplace and speak to a knowledgeable expert to ensure you get the best small business loans for your organization.

Whether your small business is growing or facing a challenge, you need cash to cover the expenses. Finding the best small business loans gives you the resources you need to pursue opportunities or solve problems.

Marquee Equity.PNG

Capital Raise Support & Investor Lead Generation Services

Building bridges. Marquee-Equity helps you find investors.

We make fundraising effortless for Entrepreneurs across the globe

Connect directly with hard to reach family office and angel investors

ERC Specialists logo

ERC Funding

This can be a complicated process.

We can help.

We specialize in Maximizing ERC Funding for Small Businesses.

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Recommended Experts

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C Cimone Casson

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Insurance Agent

C Cimone, Principle Agent at Cannas Capital offers the largest suite of protection products in the Alternative Industries.  Her mission is to provide comprehensive risk management portfolios that will target companies' unique needs for protection. She specializes in General Liability, Crop Coverage, Property, Product, Franchise Packages, Employee Benefits, 401K, and More


Contact Info:

Phone: 312-933-5167



Paula Winner Barnett.jpg

Paula Winner Barnett

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Strategic Counsel & Advisor at PWB Law

 Paula specializes in transforming public and private companies. Maximize boards of directors’ competencies, corporate governance, operational efficiency.


Manage stockholder and institutional investor relations. Work with companies to organize infrastructure, implement “best practices,” focus on productivity, growth, and exit strategies



Contact Info:

Phone: 818-599-8570




Debbi Spranza

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Training Coach & Strategist

Debbi specializes in Corporate Training, Career Development Coaching, Strategic Planning, Interview Preparation, Resume Review, Presentation Design, Video Editing, and File Management.


Debbi provides support and strategy no matter what we are looking to learn.




Contact Info:

Phone: 720-260-4828‬



Head Shot.jpg

Desarie Anderson 

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Accounting & Tax


Desarie is a CPA, EA, and
Tax Resolution Expert with over 10 years of accounting, IRS audits, and tax experience. She specializes in the 280e tax code and works with a variety of professionals in alternative industries.


Contact Info:

Phone: 404-300-3175




Ashley Corrado

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Creative Director

Ashley has over 15 years of web design experience and is the founder of Fortuna Designs.

Contact Info:

Phone: 617-416-0627




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Your Title Here

If you are a woman-owned business and would like to be featured on our website, please contact us at

480-269-5811 Mon-Fri

between 2 pm-4 pm MST

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Education & Training

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Full Lockup_bcolor.png

Compliance Training

Are you ready to accelerate your compliance and operations skills?

This is a 200-hour compliance business accelerator program that expedites the implementation of an operational framework for alternative businesses and consultants across the supply chain.

Screenshot 2017-08-15 18.28.02.png

Stock Investing Basics

Learn with The GreenStreet
Academy and Invest Confidently from the comfort of your own home.

The online learning experience is for the novice investor seeking to gain
and enhance their investing skills, knowledge, and Market Experience.

Your College or University Here

If you are a college, university, or offer certificated programs and would like to be featured on our website,

please contact us at 480-269-5811


between 2 pm-4 pm MST

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